Note: All fixtures with a pale yellow background are in progress and are not confirmed results.

AFC Dunstable Welwyn Garden City
Aylesbury United Sutton Coldfield Town
Berkhamsted Coleshill Town
Bromsgrove Sporting Yaxley
Cambridge City Aylesbury
Corby Town Barton Rovers
Kempston Rovers Dunstable Town
Kidlington North Leigh
Peterborough Sports Thame United
Aylesbury Berkhamsted
Cambridge City Kempston Rovers
Coleshill Town Kidlington
Dunstable Town Aylesbury United
North Leigh Bromsgrove Sporting
Peterborough Sports Corby Town
Sutton Coldfield Town Barton Rovers
AFC Dunstable Sutton Coldfield Town
Aylesbury United North Leigh
Barton Rovers Bedford Town
Berkhamsted Cambridge City
Bromsgrove Sporting Aylesbury
Corby Town Thame United
Didcot Town Dunstable Town
Kempston Rovers Peterborough Sports
Kidlington Yaxley
Welwyn Garden City Coleshill Town
Peterborough Sports Bedford Town
Thame United Bromsgrove Sporting
Barton Rovers Didcot Town
AFC Dunstable Berkhamsted
Aylesbury Thame United
Coleshill Town Yaxley
Corby Town Aylesbury United
Didcot Town Kempston Rovers
Kidlington Cambridge City
Sutton Coldfield Town Peterborough Sports
Welwyn Garden City North Leigh
Didcot Town Bedford Town