Date: Tue 13 Aug 2019

By David Simpson

Lye Meadow Planning Application

Developing the ground to benefit the community

Alvechurch FC works with Developer to increase Social Housing mix on the planning application at Lye Meadow. After listening to demand from local residents, the club has pushed the Developer to increase the social/affordable housing mix on the proposed planning application 19/00140/OUT from zero to eight dwellings. Even though they lose potential revenue and the club’s own financial assistance suffers, we believe it is the right thing to do for the community who have supported us over the years.

A real issue within the boundaries of the village is the lack of opportunity for young people to get onto the property ladder, with many being forced out to other areas because of affordability. This is a real accomplishment for us because it now means up to 8 young local families have a genuine opportunity to stay in the area and raise a family. The developer has also agreed to contribute 20% of the land value to Alvechurch FC, which is much needed and will help fulfil our dream of delivering outstanding football facilities at The Hayes.

The club now has over 500 young people playing in ‘Church’ colours every weekend which, given the size of the village is a huge achievement in itself.

We’re also extremely proud of our work with the Police in the Teamworx project, which takes kids with socially deprived backgrounds away from gang culture and knife crime and instead offers them free football coaching as well as a potential route out of existing behavioural patterns.

Another project we want to grow, once we have the right facilities, is our work with the Headway Charity where we deliver free coaching to people who have suffered brain injuries. At the moment, we can only provide limited coaching because of the lack of facilities but, should we get The Hayes up and running to its maximum potential, we will be able to offer daily sessions to both of these worthwhile causes.

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